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A divorce attorney in San Antonio’s guide to mental health
February 18, 2021 at 11:00 PM
With a good divorce attorney in San Antonio, we'll handle business so you can just tend to yourself.

If you’re going through a divorce, you don’t need anyone to tell you how mentally and emotionally taxing it is. You’re enduring a traumatic legal procedure and have to rebuild your entire life. This isn’t easy for anyone. And, with all the stress and divorce-related things to take care of, mental health neglect happens all too easily.

And, at Tess House Law, you’re dealing with more than just a divorce attorney in San Antonio. You’re dealing with someone who cares about your overall well-being, and that includes the state of your mental health. We tailor services to you, communicate transparently, and establish realistic expectations.

Here are 3 ways to take care of your mental health during your divorce.

1. Maintain your physical health

People often neglect their physical health during a divorce because of the overwhelming emotional pain this process inundates them with. But it’s crucial to remember your physical health is inseparable from your mental health.

Physical activity won’t just make you feel more confident and better about yourself; it’ll also mitigate the stress, anxiety, and depression that often accompany divorces. A healthy diet and physical maintenance will help with your sleep, energy, and mood.

Remember: substance abuse is not the answer. And if you find yourself adhering to “the divorce diet,” which is barely eating, set alarms to remind yourself to eat. Take time for daily walks. And, if you have pent up anger, find a cathartic release. This could be boxing, for example, but any physically demanding form exercise will do.

And, with a divorce attorney in San Antonio from Tess House Law, we guarantee to take the load off so have the time you need for your physical health.

2. Use a support system

Reaching out to friends or family, or joining a support group or getting counseling if they’re not as available as you need them to be, significantly reduces the loneliness you might feel during this trying time.

Turning to people in your life and making new connections is essential to forging ahead, and emotional support is absolutely crucial for your mental health. Don’t be afraid to initiate and communicate with them. It’s hard to know what to say to someone going through divorce, so being honest and candid about the support you need is vital.

Find people who you can vent to and who will listen. Even if it’s just getting lunch, these moments can keep you sated for a while. And, with Tess House Law, you’re not just getting a divorce attorney in San Antonio. With our personal, communicative approach, you’re getting another mechanism of support you can count on when all else fails.

3. Do what you enjoy

People often allocate all their time, attention, and energy to work and other responsibilities during divorce. But giving yourself time to do what you enjoy is imperative. It can definitely be difficult because there are unending things to take care of when going through divorce, but scheduling time for yourself is essential.

Whether it’s taking a simple bath or reading a book, this will help you rediscover your composure, regroup, and reflect. People often forget it’s important to feel change. But, still, scheduling time for welcome distractions is beneficial, too.

Just remember to give yourself time to enjoy life, but also to give yourself time to process the change you’re experiencing.

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If you need a divorce attorney in San Antonio, Tess House Law is who you need in your corner. Contact us now. We fight diligently for you and can also be a source of much needed support. And, more importantly, with experts like us, you’ll have plenty of time for self-care.